individual characteristics

Yahya Fouzi 1960 ، Professor ، PhD in Political Science,
Research Institute of Humanities and Cultural Studies , Tehran, Iran
Academic Background
Diploma in mathematics
BA in political science ، Tehran University
MA in international relations ، Tehran University
PhD in political science ، Tehran University

– training records:

: teaching experience at the undergraduate and graduate university courses that some topics are as follows
– Foreign Relations of Iran
– Contemporary Islamic movements
– Iran’s foreign policy
– Socio-political developments in Iran.
– political developments in Iran
–  Political Thought in Islam and Iran
– Islam and Iran
– – Economic and political problems of the Third World
-Political Thought in Islamic world

Research Activities:

1-intellectual trend of the Islamic awakening movement
2-statuse of Islamist groups in Algeria and future prospects
3. Imam Khomeini  and Islamic civilization
4. geopolitical influence on the political model supported by Shiites in different countries –
5. A comprarative study of the political thought of the Muslim Brotherhood and the Islamic Revolution in Iran
6-wing social and political changes after the revolution in Iran
7- the political developments in Iran
8-species of contemporary Islamic movements-
9. Review of comparative political movements Shiite and Sunni,
10. The difference of purpose theocracy with a secular state
11. the relationship between national identity and social security
13. Comparative study of the concept of social justice in Islam and the West
14. The principles and objectives of the political development of the Islamic Revolution
15 new middle class and its impact on the political developments in Iran after the Islamic Revolution,
16-place of religion in human sciences in Iran after the Revolution
7. The theoretical foundations of both negative and affirmative approach to cultural engineering

18. Comparative Study in Islamist political discourse in Iran before the revolution, their impact on the formation of the political system after the revolution
19-women theocracy in Iran to investigate the consequences of the political discourse of the Islamic Revolution
20-consequences talk about the limits of government after the revolution to Shiite Political Thought Journal
21-Imam Khomeini and globalization
22-strategies and performance of the PMOI in the face of the Islamic Republic
23-positions marja Pahlavi in Iran in the face of modernization model,
24-capable reformist discourse Shiite Islamists in Iran
25-consequences of demographic changes on the legitimacy of the political system in Iran after the revolution in Iran
26 Shiite political jurisprudence developments in the face of modernization process after the revolution in Iran
27-The concept of Justice in Islamic political Thought-Life Science Journal 2013:
28-Causes of the formation and nature of political movements in Bahrain -Life Science Journal -2012:
29- The role of government in education32-clerical political fiqh our-time-
33. The structural causes of revolution in Iran
34-ideological challenges in the Israel
35-basics thinking Islamist political groups in Iran before the revolution,
36-causes of the revolution in Iran
37-Imam Khomeini and collective identity,
38-Imam Khomeini and the Iranian national identity
39. Islamic revolution and the alternative model of modernization
40-IR and theoretical challenges
41-religion and development in Iran
42. Cultural challenges of the Islamic Revolution

45-An Internal Study about Islamic MovementGroups

Papers presented at scientific conferences

International conferences
1. Malaysia 1389-conference humanities, Title: paper typology of contemporary Islamic movements
2. China 1388-Congress of the Humanities, Title: the influence of religion in humanities
3. Indonesia 1387- Title religious democracy in Iran
4. Kazan, Republic of Tatarstan 1387- Congress of the Iranian revolution in the late fourth dacades: The Future of the Iranian revolution in the late fourth
5. Moscow 1386, Title: Islam and globalization
6. Croatia, 1383- Title: Islam and terrorism
– National Conferences
7-impact political biography of the Prophet on political thought in Islam, Tehran Institute of Social and Cultural Studies fall 86
8. The theoretical implications of the interaction of religion and modernization in Iran, Shahid Beheshti University Conference, 1380
9-examine the role of Imam Khomeini in no position fix the economy after the revolution, Shiraz University Conference, 1379
10. Congress to investigate the economic ideas of Imam Khomeini, Imam Khomeini and Islamic economics, Tehran, Tarbiat Modarres University, Department of Economics, June 1379

1. Islamist movements in the Muslim world ,2014
2-religion and modernization in Iran, Tehran1997
3. Organization of the Islamic Conference, Tehran, 1990
4. The political thought of Imam Khomeini,2002 (first edition)
5. The political thought of Imam Khomeini in Qom2009 (Second Edition)
6. political thought after the revolution in Iran 2010
7. The change in government and political discourses in post-revolutionary Iran
8-Imam Khomeini and national identity in Iran, Tehran,1990
10-calendar Iran-Iraq War, Volume 43, Tehran:2002
11-mackfarlain ,1992
12-discourse of reform in Iran, Tehran, 2005

– guidance and counseling thesis

 (40 guidance thesis)
-2 thesis advisers (50 theses)

Records scientific cooperation
. Editor and Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Faculty of Social Sciences Imam Khomeini International
-Research Member of Editorial Board of Journal of Education Studies University of Qom Islamic Revolution
Member of the Editorial Board of Journal of Political Studies of the Islamic world-Shahed
Member of the editorial board of the Islamic World Studies University, Imam Khomeini International
Board member of the Association of Islamic Revolution
Member of the Political Science Association of Iran
– Directors Association of Islamic Revolution
Member of the Scientific Committee Conference report Introduction to the Islamic Republic, Tehran University
Member of the Scientific Committee Farabi International Award

Imam Khomeini International University Faculty of Humanities

– Institute of Imam Khomeini and the Islamic Revolution

Mobile: 09121593054